Goroka Show 2015

It’s September, and that means it’s time for Goroka Show! I’m going to let the pictures mostly speak for themselves. If you want to learn more about Goroka show, and see more pictures, check out my post from last year: Goroka Show 2014.

The Local Drug

Living in Goroka can leave you a bit stir-crazy. Most of the expats live in gated houses within gated compounds with guards. While it’s fairly safe to walk around town during the day, it’s smarter to drive. You must always be cognizant of your actions, what you are wearing, and where your personal items are; […]

We bought a poop machine!*

*title by Matt I apologize for my recent absence from posting. Life has been a bit stressful recently, but I promise another post in the near future documenting my mini-vacation in Rabaul. Matt and I are happy to announce an addition to our family! We got a puppy!!! Some friends of mine (Geoff & Ildiko), […]


During the Goroka Show, the power went out for 2 full days. After our batteries ran out on our computers and phones, this left us with few entertainment options – especially since we only have 1 kindle. Luckily Matt was sleeping opposite me, so we didn’t have to fight over it. As I was reading, I got a […]

What, another PNG Blog?!

A new friend of mine, also new to Goroka and life in PNG, has also got a blog! So if you can’t get enough of life in PNG, check out her site here: http://thewarmthofday.wordpress.com/ There’s a few things she covers that I would like to, but can’t, cover so you should definitely check it out. 🙂


Power The power goes out here A LOT. At least a few times per week. We’ve gotten used to having at least our phones, and often our computers, charged fully at all times, because you never know when the lights will go off. There have been times where it was off for most of the […]

Our House

We live in the Pacific Estates, which is a gated community of many houses and the Pacific hotel and restaurant. Our house also has a gate, and there are cages on the windows, and locked caged gates on the doors. At first, we naturally felt a little… caged. Our house is quite large – 3 […]

Food Part 1

“Super”markets When we came to Goroka we really didn’t know what to expect in terms of supermarkets and food. We were pleasantly surprised by some things, but found others lacking. There are a few supermarket chains here: Papindo (3 stores in town), Goroka Food Mart (2 stores), Bintangor, and SVS. And then there’s the big […]

Amanda vs Coconut

The good news is that I managed to last over a full month without horribly injuring myself in the dumbest way possible. The bad news is that I have horribly injured myself in the dumbest way possible. Before you get too worried I will be fine but I needed to get six stitches on my […]

Mailing things to Matt & Amanda (UPDATED AUG 2015)

As with everything else, the mail moves slowly here in PNG. Packages sent via regular post can take 3 – 4 months, while courier services tend to be outrageously expensive, or so I’m told. From what I can gather, most people do receive their packages, just extremely late. However, everyone has told me to expect missing […]