Planning & Paperwork

Planning for travel When we moved to Halifax, we took 4 suitcases, 2 carry-ons, and our cat. We were also able to buy anything we might need in Halifax. While it’s fairly cheap to take extra suitcases on Air Canada or WestJet, that is not the case for many of the Asian / Oceana airlines. […]

And, we’re off!

We’ve been packed since mid January, and finally our flights are booked! As you read this we will be somewhere over the pacific ocean. Spending 14 thrilling hours in economy on a 747, and completely skipping April 1. No ‘April Fools’ pranks on us, suckers! Or maybe the joke’s on us as the first leg […]

Guide to contacting Amanda & Matt

A friend of ours, Carolyn, made this super helpful graphic about contacting us. You can use it to see when texting me is undesirable, and whether you can expect a response based on the time difference. You should save this image to your phone – I know I will for texting you. 🙂 If you’d […]

And you heard about this job how…?

Almost everyone has asked me how I came across the posting for this job. They are often surprised by the answer: Facebook. I knew my postdoc funding was coming to an end, so I posted this: Two days later, a friend of mine sent me this: 8/25, 8:17am – Danielle Stephens: Hey not sure this […]

You’re moving where…?

We are moving to Papua New Guinea! Why? For SCIENCE!!  So where exactly is that? Papua New Guinea encompasses half of the worlds largest Island (New Guinea), the other half being Indonesia. PNG is just above Australia, and is home to approximately 7,000,000 culturally diverse people who speak over 820 different languages! Like Canada, PNG […]