Australia Part 2: The Great Barrier Reef

While in Cairns I took one day out to snorkel on the great barrier reef. I used the SilverSwift company and rented an underwater camera. The camera was about $100, and completely worth it! We stopped at 3 spots on Flynn Reef near Cairns. Unfortunately it was a bit choppier than ideal, but the water was still fairly clear.

Headed out from Cairns to Flynn Reef

Some views of Flynn Reef from the boat

Following are the highlights of my snorkelling adventure.

That teal-ish parrot fish is huge!



Some of the neat fish I saw

You guys, I think I found out where Nike gets their design inspiration…

These guys were electric blue and only seemed to hang out around this particular type of coral

Giant Clam

Exciting Find # 1: Can you see what I’m taking a picture of?

Dove down for a closer look

Swam along with it for a while

Exciting Find # 2: I saw 3 white-tipped reef-sharks!!!

They were swimming pretty fast (for me) and were pretty far down, so I only got a few good pictures.

Lastly: obligatory cheesy tourist picture

Lastly: obligatory cheesy tourist picture

I’ve got one more short post about Australia lined up, then it’s back to life in PNG!

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