We bought a poop machine!*

*title by Matt

I apologize for my recent absence from posting. Life has been a bit stressful recently, but I promise another post in the near future documenting my mini-vacation in Rabaul.

Matt and I are happy to announce an addition to our family!

We got a puppy!!!

Some friends of mine (Geoff & Ildiko), who also live in our compound, had a pregnant dog, who had puppies on Oct 22. Matt and I had been considering a dog for a few reasons:

  1. A good friend of mine (Connie) had to leave PNG, so I was sad – this kind of thing got me the cat too 😉
  2. Everyone has or wants dogs around here – not only are they great security, but good entertainment. When we first got her, one of the workers walked past our gate when Matt was out and exclaimed “Dog is best friend!!”
  3. Matt’s been bored, and I thought he needed a project – shhhh don’t tell him
Indy 01-02

Dorris & her plethora of puppies the day they were born

So, we went over to check them out the evening they were born. Matt immediately picked the white & black one and proclaimed her to be “Dr. Indiana Bones”. He hopes you guys get the reference. We didn’t actually buy her, but that’s not my only problem with Matt’s title… Although it is somewhat accurate I suppose…

Indy 03-04

Indy at 1 week, & an exhausted Dorris

Indy 04-05

Indy at 2 weeks

Indy 06

Indy & siblings at 5 weeks

We took her home at 5.5 weeks. All the puppies had worms. Luckily Geoff & Ildiko had some medication from Australia, so they dewormed them before we took her home – but we still saw the aftermath.

Me: “Cool, I’ll take some to work for Yaz”.

Matt: “What is this poop doing in our freezer?!”

Indy Foot

Indy likes a good foot pillow

Indy 07

Indy & the Cheat

Indy 08

So cute when she’s sleeping…

I had been hassling the butcher at SVS for dog bones for a few weeks. When I dropped by after work one day he came out with cart full of 2 huge sacks of bones! I took one giant sac, for K3.95

Indy 10

Indy 09

Indy’s favourite thing: eating things she shouldn’t

Indy 11

Matt’s favourite thing: giving Indy princess Leia hair

Indy Matt

Indy & Matt

When we leave PNG we have a few options. Everyone here wants a dog, so it will be easy to find her a new home. But, we can also bring her back to Canada fairly easily, we just have to promise to have her vaccinated for Rabies.












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