During the Goroka Show, the power went out for 2 full days. After our batteries ran out on our computers and phones, this left us with few entertainment options – especially since we only have 1 kindle. Luckily Matt was sleeping opposite me, so we didn’t have to fight over it.

As I was reading, I got a text from my friend Morgan – the Pacific Helicopter guys (who live in our estate) were nice enough to offer to take us on one of their test flights! I told Matt where I was going and his response was “I don’t like it, because of the implication”. Not really sure what that means… but I convinced him it would be fine. I can see my mom freaking out “YOU WENT ON A TEST FLIGHT WITH SOME RANDOM DUDES?!?” Well, the flight was just to test conditions with a new basket attachment, and these guys are a pleasant bunch and my neighbours. This was my first time being in a Helicopter (as far as I know), so I was pretty stoked.

Heli 01

Pilot & the 10 man Helicopter

Heli 02

Me – ready to fly! Julia to the right, Wil to the left.

Heli 03

Connie & Morgan

Heli 04

Outskirts of Goroka

Heli 05

Mountains, and a fire in the distance

Heli 06

Heli 07

Heli 08

Outskirts of Goroka and beyond

Heli 09

It was really incredible to see the landscape clearly from above, and see all the gardens that supply our vegetables at the market

Heli 10

Gardens and a river

Heli 11

All those gardens – supplying vegetables to the market

Heli 12

Heli 13

University of Goroka in the foreground, bits of Goroka midground

Heli 17

View of West Goroka

As we were coming back to land, we passed over the National Sports Institute (NSI) which hosted the Goroka Show. The crowds were still intense, but not nearly so much as Saturday afternoon. In the second picture below you can see that even some of the streets are packed with people.

Heli 14

Passing over the NSI – where Goroka Show is going on

Heli 15

Another shot of the crowd attending Goroka Show

Heli 16

Shops beside the airport, Goroka Show crowd still visible at NSI

Heli 18

Connie & Julia disembarking


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3 thoughts on “Helicopter!!

  1. This was wrong on so many levels!!!! “TEST” is the word I do not like. Test means all kinds of crap can go wrong. Matt was right and you need to listen to your husband. If you were meant to be in the sky, you would have been born with feathers! lol

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