Our House

We live in the Pacific Estates, which is a gated community of many houses and the Pacific hotel and restaurant.

Pacific Hotel

The Pacific Hotel

Our house also has a gate, and there are cages on the windows, and locked caged gates on the doors. At first, we naturally felt a little… caged.


The gate to our house

Our house is quite large – 3 bedrooms, spacious living room/dining room, veranda, large kitchen, toilet room, and bathroom. The toilet is in a room by itself, while the bathtub, sink, and shower are in a separate room beside it – a bit weird at first, but actually pretty nice.


The front of our house from the front yard


Side of our house from the gate

Notice the cages on the window. Every window has these immovable cages, and there are lockable cages on the doors. One of my first thoughts was ‘oh my gosh, what if there’s a fire, and we can’t find the keys, we won’t be able to get out of one of the caged windows…’ But, I soon realized we have a working fire alarm, a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and could kick through one of the walls fairly easily. Or use the machete. For added security we have 2 panic buttons – one in our bedroom and one in the kitchen. They signal the guards. One of us somehow accidentally triggered one once and the guards got to our place super quick so it’s good to know the buttons work!

Panic Button

Panic button

The walls are very thin, there is no heating, air-conditioning, or insulation. Thanks to the ‘perpetual spring’ weather up here, there is no need! It gets quite cool at night – usually around 15°C (±2°C). The sun rises at 6:30am, but it stays fairly cool until around 11am, at which point the temperature can get up to 30°C in the afternoon. The house can get pretty hot in the afternoon, but there’s usually a bit of a breeze, and it cools down quickly when the sun goes down at 6:30pm. Since we are in the dry season right now it doesn’t rain every day, but at least a few times a week. Rain usually starts around 4 pm and can be quite torrential. The sound of the rain on our tin roof is nice, but drowns out the TV completely!!


Torrential rain

The 3 bedrooms, and bathrooms are all located ‘upstairs’ – it’s a sort of split level, with these rooms about 5 steps above the rest of the house.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom

Bedrooms 2 & 3

The guest bedroom and office

Toilet Room

The toilet room


Bath & shower room

Living Room1

Looking into the living room from the ‘upstairs’

The living room / dining room are quite spacious. The house came furnished with all that you see here – except the TV, which we bought. The roof height is very high in most of the rooms, so if any of the lights burn out we’ll be in trouble!!

Living Room

Living room & dining room

Our kitchen is large, with many cupboards! There’s a fridge, small chest freezer, and a natural gas stove. The stove is an Electrolux – not sure how I feel about cooking food using a stove made by a company that specializes in vacuums…



Cockroaches are everywhere here, and we encountered quite a few when we first got here! A few small ones got in the fridge, I found a few huge ones crawling on the kitchen wall – it was very disturbing to me!! But, we got cockroach baits and distributed them around the house, and now the only cockroaches we see are dead ones, and fairly infrequently.

Cockroach Nest

Cockroach nest bait

Our laundry room is located downstairs, and has a large sink and a washing machine – no dryer. We have a clothes web that gets lots of sunlight, but since it tends to be rainy in the evening, I’ve also strung up line underneath our veranda.



So that’s our humble abode.

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6 thoughts on “Our House

  1. That looks nice you guys. Glad to hear you got rid of your cockroach problem, that would have freaked me out too.
    How is the plumbing? Meaning does the damn toilet flush properly and does the shower have enough pressure.

    • Well, we’ll never completely get rid of cockroaches but at least we are keeping them mostly at bay! I’ve got another post lined up to talk about the necessities like water and power, so you’ll just have to wait for that one! 😉

    • Hahaha! Yeah, I’m still on knife probation! People actually cringe when I pick up knives… One little incident in 30 yrs and nobody trusts you.

    • We were completely shocked at how big it was! And the rent is outrageous – all rentals here are!! We are lucky that work provides housing!

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