You’re moving where…?

We are moving to Papua New Guinea! Why? For SCIENCE!! 

So where exactly is that? Papua New Guinea encompasses half of the worlds largest Island (New Guinea), the other half being Indonesia. PNG is just above Australia, and is home to approximately 7,000,000 culturally diverse people who speak over 820 different languages! Like Canada, PNG is a commonwealth nation. This makes some things easier for us. For example, we have a tax agreement with them, which means we don’t need to officially give up our Canadian residency, or file taxes in Canada while we’re away. English is one of the official languages, along with Tok Pisin which is a pidgin of English. Some things have been more difficult (paperwork wise) than I would have thought, which I will cover in another post.

We will be living in Goroka, which is situated in the Eastern Highlands Province. Goroka is nestled in the mountains at ~1500m and is the 7th largest city in PNG at approximately 20,000 people. The climate is known as ‘perpetual spring’ – 15C at night and 25C during the day, and fairly rainy. 

As you can see from the above map, there are no roads connecting the north half of the island with the south. This means that all travel from the capital (Port Moresby) must be by plane. All of the northern cities are connected by the ‘Highlands Highway’, however it is apparently often impassable. Goroka is pictured below, with the airstrip running right through town.

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